MARC AHR is a passionate artist specialising in Olympic art, furniture design, interior decoration and, to greater extent, watercolour sketches which are reproduced as lithographs. He produces exceptional quality limited and open edition giclée prints which are sold and displayed internationally. The ink Marc uses is guaranteed to last for 80 to 100 years and a diverse range of archival quality paper is used.

Marc is gearing up for the Olympics in Paris 2024. He has created new artwork and is currently decorating art galleries with his pieces. He is eagerly anticipating your visit to France this summer.

My dear friends, book about my adventures is on sale.

Now it’s on French but soon will be in English too.
You can buy an electronic copy just for 5 euro.
Many thanks to Paola Messana who took all my notes and wrote it.

30 years ago when the Berlin Wall fell the all life of Marc Ahr was changed.

He came to BERLIN for 5 days and finally stayed 3 years and then instead of coming back he continued his trip to Russia where he bought an apartment. Now he’s ready for new adventure and his car is already waiting for him in the middle of Kazakstan somewhere and he doesn’t
know exactly where as the country is huge…

Here’re the links where you can find it: