Our apartments are works of art in themselves. In some of the most fashionable and creative destinations – Mougins near Cannes, St Petersburg and Montreal. We will also have an apartment in Paris in the very near future.

With the stunning locations and views, we have paid every attention to detail and the ambience created. Most of our apartments are in historical buildings with an abundance of character. From high ceilings and mouldings to old chimneys, antique furniture and incredible artwork from all around the world, you will certainly find something that works perfectly for you.

In addition to renting out the accommodation to the public, Marc loves to promote art by helping artists to travel and create by providing inexpensive, or even free, apartment lodging. He will even consider paying the airfare as well providing the accommodation for some artists, in exchange for one of their creations. This artwork will then be displayed at his discretion in any of the properties as well as on the website(s).

For every person that stays at the apartments. Marc donates €10 to offsetter.com which is based in Vancouver. The company was involved in offsetting the CO2 emissions during the Vancouver Olympic games.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss this further or if you would like to rent one of our apartments.