About Marc

MARC AHR is a passionate artist,   furniture designer and interior decorator.  As an artist, he specialises in Olympic art and watercolour sketches which are reproduced as lithographs. He produces exceptional quality limited and open edition giclée prints which are sold and displayed internationally. The ink Marc uses is guaranteed to last for 80 to 100 years and a diverse range of archival quality paper is used.

The uniqueness of this technique lies in the fact that not only is the artist able to retain the character of the original scene but he is also able to do this very quickly – a procedure that works especially well at the Olympic Games.

Marc paints the sporting events on location, reproducing his drawing immediately, and he is often ready to sell the first prints almost before the event is over.  He also sells original lithographs which are becoming increasingly rare as they can take months to produce making them very unique and desirable.

His extensive and varied client base is testament to the very high standard of Marc’s work.  He has produced work for several gold medallists, the president of the Olympic committee, parents of gold medallists, Nicholas Cage, the King of Sweden, amongst other celebrities.  He also donates his work in the aid of several good causes. Please see client testimonials here.

You can watch interviews by the press both nationally and internationally including those that have appeared on French national TV, Canadian TV, German TV, Japanese TV and Chinese TV.

Marc’s work is exhibited in galleries around the world is also available for you to order here from this site. You can order original lithographs, prints or a personalised work of art. Please contact us if you require any specific request or require any further details.

So we invite you to have a look around – from the fall of the Berlin wall to an inviting café in Paris; from portraits and customised artworks to the incredibly exciting world that is the Olympic Games, we know that you will find Marc’s world alluring, delightful and overall, irresistible!

Enjoy the journey!